The purpose of Be Moxie is to guide and provide resources for women of color to flourish within their academic and professional endeavors.

Be Moxie means to be a woman of determination, to be bold, to be savvy and to have the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Our 3 main principles are:
1. Outlet for Expression
2. Mentorship
3. Professional Network

Be Moxie features online and in-person content in higher education, career advancement, personal development, and women empowerment. The Be Moxie team is creating awareness to strike a change in our society, for all women of color both locally and worldwide.

As Seen On

Blazin Boss: Be Moxie, Empowering Women, Times Three!

Blazin Boss: Be Moxie, Empowering Women, Times Three!

Millennials on a Mission: Be Moxie

Friends Make Life More Fun: Meet Joannie, Aline, and Macia

Women in Business Highlight: BE MOXIE

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