Moxie Leader: Brittany Lo

1. What initially attracted you to your career? Was there a specific incident? Childhood? Did being a woman play a role?

Since the age of two I started taking ballet lessons and each year at the recital we were able to wear makeup. For some reason, I always got so excited to be able to play with my mom’s makeup bag. I always insisted on doing my own makeup so for many years I looked like a clown but I felt beautiful as ever! I also think having a vanity set with play makeup as a little girl had something to do with it…

2. Have you faced any particular challenges as a woman in your choice of career? Are there unique challenges you think only women face?

Fortunately, the beauty industry has a high percentage of women employees, which is nice to see. However as an entrepreneur and working with others to operate properly I have experienced times where it has been difficult being a woman. There are many people out there that will try to walk on you and push you to do what they want but you have to grow tough skin and push back when its necessary.

3. What does “empowerment” mean to you?

Empowerment is inspiring others and instilling confidence in them. Empowerment is not just a word, it is a feeling that you get when your passion meets inspiration and motivation.

4. What in particular about your work do you think helps you empower women across the country? What message are you trying to send?

My mission growing up was to have a career that empowered others and that was associated with beauty. Beauty is my passion, what makes me happy, and allows me to express myself in my own way. I have created Beautini as a way to provide an empowering experience to women by offering fun and innovative beauty services. Each client is offered complimentary drinks and desserts during her service and we strive to ensure that she leaves feeling like the most beautiful version of herself. Women deserve to look and feel beautiful every day and not on rare special occasions.

5. Did you have role models or mentors? How have they helped you? (Who was the most memorable one?)

Yes absolutely! My role models have of course been my parents and my first mentor besides family members was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Espinoza. Having her inspire and motivate me to dream big, I realized the importance of having a mentor. In middle school Mrs. Espinoza ran the school store and our entire class was able to apply for a position. I naturally applied to be the store manager and out of all the other highly qualified students, I was awarded the position. This experience showed how highly Mrs. Espinoza thought of me and made me believe that I had bigger potential than I had imagined. Often it takes someone else to tell us how special or strong we are since we are always our own biggest critic. With this said, that is why having others around you to support and guide you is crucial to progressing as an person no matter how young or old you may be.

6. What worked (or did not work) for you that would be good advice for someone else coming up in their career?

NETWORK! Use every opportunity you get to network with others in your company or different organizations. You never know who may know who so don’t limit yourself to networking opportunities. There have been times where I would meet someone and was not sure how we could mutually help each other but down the road he/she became very helpful in some way or another. Expand your network as much as possible with various groups especially when you are new to a location or position. Be willing to help others and in return the deed will naturally be returned.

7. What rules do you live by or if you have a life motto?

Never lose sight of your dreams and surround yourself by people who enhance your life not take away from it. Positive energy is essential for success and I have learned over the years that people who do not bring positive energy to an environment are not worth having around. It is really difficult being an entrepreneur and figuring out your life on a day by day basis so it is crucial to stay focus on the end goal to ensure that you don’t give up even when times are tough.

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